Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wicked Witch Wanda of the West Vitrine

Once upon a wee wicked time there lived a most beautiful witch, she made her home sweet home on the bottom shelf of a very old French vitrine. Wicked Wanda did live amongst riches and luxury, she had very fine tastes indeed! There were frilly lace carpets beneath her feets and a colossal gold lamp in the kitchen! She even had a portrait of her favorite familiar, "Noodles" the bat framed and hung upon the wall.

A green eyed lady with flame red hair she was, who wore a necklace of diamonds and eyeballs no less! Her costume of rags and tags and bags hastily stitched together, two jack o lanterns abreast, one happy, one sad!

At night when the giant people slept, she would with her magic, turn the skeleton key that held her locked captive within that vitrine and climb down the long leg of the cabinet, where she would run rampant and steal all their glittery golden goods! One by one things would go missing, bits and snipets and parts she needed to concoct her devilish brews!

And stewing and brewing in her pearly bubbling caldron, a poor pale stolen porcelain lass, add a pinch of newts eye and a peck of that knarled up mandrake couple and last but not least to bring out her delicate flavor, a few of those Fanciful Twist mushrooms!

Yum, Yum she says aloud to her self, Me thinks this potion will works just fine this time! And when youz are all cooked up nice and well done my pretty, I will conjure up three more batches of brew, a bottle of German Maiden Heinz 57, a pint of Old English Lass No. 2 and specially for me, to lure that good man, a spritzer filled to the brim with Coquettish French Love No. 9! So take heed all you lovelies on this ALL HALLOWS EVE, keep one eye wide open

and stay one step ahead, lest you wind up in my next lumpy loaf of bread!
***************************************Happy Halloween my Bloglandia Friends!*********************************************

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Believe it or What?!

This was our Jack-O-Lantern in 1999, pretty ordinary guy as pumpkins go.

We carved him up, saved the seeds to make toasty treats! Yum! Yum! My favorite!

There was a small disaster because I threw all of the pumpkin pulp in the garbage disposal! Who knew it would BURN the motor to a crisp! (probably shouldn't remind my husband of this)

Any who, I put a little glass votive inside to awaken and give him some life.

It was a very stange and particularly dry fall season aound these parts that year.

You've heard of the Great Pumpkin haven't you?

Well, here's our Jack-O-Mummy! I didn't have the heart to throw him out 8 years ago and he is still with us and every year he just keeps shrinking and becoming more wrinkled. Once in a while I'll see a bird perched on the fence with a puzzled look, probably thinking What the heck....?!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever Get the Feeling Somebody is Watching You?!

Slowly she turned, step by step, inch by inch....A cold shiver ran down her spine!

She definitely had the feeling she was being watched! Oooh, Whats this? A handsome stranger!

Why, Hello tall, dark and cutie! Did you bring me Tricks or Treats!

Check out Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Vol. 1 2007 for complete details and instructions on how to create some vintage style paddle masks of your own. All you will need are some old photographs ,black cardstock, a variety of crepe paper, popcicle sticks, pipe cleaners and glue.

What better way the prevent yourself from being recognized by the ghosts and goblins lurking about on All Hallows Eve than by wearing a mask upon a mask!

Who Goes There!
Trick or Treat!
Smell my Feet!
Give me Something
Good to Eat!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rumble in the Pumpkin Patch!

These pictures are several years old, but every time I look at them they make me smile! The beautiful black cat was my kitty Rudy, I found her when she was just a teeny kitten, back in 1990. Last year she had to leave us for that big pumpkin patch in the sky, she was with us for 17 years and was such a wonderful girl, a real girly girl, when she walked it was on her dainty little tippy toes. She was a very petite little thing, with big round yellow eyes and fur so sleek and shiny it felt like velvet!

When she was 5 years old, as I mentioned before we found (is there any other way to get a cat?) her baby brother Romeo (the painter) in the engine of my car! And let me tell you he was a terror! Once, in the middle of the night he pulled down ALL the Christmas lights that had been strung on the door, the verticle blinds they were hung from got tangled around him SOME HOW as he ran through the livingroom past the hallway and into the bedroom. On his way he pulled a siver basket full of fruit off the coffee table, and that got tangled up too, then a tall flower arrangement off a small console table! I woke up, ran to the living room, which looked like a wrecking ball had been there, Rudy was sitting in a chair, eyes the size of saucers! I followed the still lit light trail which led through the house and directly under my bed! And there I found one little ring tailed kitten, who was so scared when he opened his mouth to say "MEOW" nothing came out! I laughed so hard, how could anyone be mad?!

Just look at her there, so sweet and innocent, so unsuspecting! And there he is, King of the Jungle, quietly sneaking up about to POUNCE!

And It's On! I love this series of pictures, those two rough housed all the time, but surely loved each other too! Funny, as now its Romeo's turn, because Juliette our chihuahua is a little spit fire!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Prisilla's Throne

And so Prisilla's throne awaits. A fickle, fickle long legged lass, with tumbles of tousled blonde hair. A delicate beauty, that she is! Eyes as blue as the Aegean, skin so lovely like porcelain and two lips the color of rose buds.

She spends her days sitting, legs kicked up and watches the days pass by.

Did I mention she is fickle?! Just imagine, why today she refused to get dressed before noon! And simply insisted there be two dozen rose petals in her bath! No more, no less!

Ah, but quilty we surely are, for we do indulge her so.

I say who, but who could resist a creature of such beauty?!

The Details:
The columns were made from a wood dowel and wooden end caps, then marbleized with acrylic paints. The statues are two old lead pieces I cut off of a metal stand, they are attached to inverted metal candle cups. For the throne I used craft wire and some sea shells I found on a trip. An antique brass drawer pull is the back rest. And a cushion made from very old lace with tiny seed pearls stitched into the center. As for the doll, she has a bleached blonde mohair wig and porcelain head, shoulder plate and fore arms, the rest is wire and batting. And her dress is made of fabrics dating from before 1900.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something Wicked this Way Comes...

Let me start out this story by saying I love my husband dearly, that said,

Every year I leave the pumpkin buying up to him and usually he brings home the most perfect plump little pumpkin ever!
So why should I think last years pumpkin would be any different?! Well following in the tradition of Good ole Charlie Brown (ie, christmas tree fiasco). Much to my surprise what he arrived home with was an odd misfit, lying on it's side!
What the Heck am I going to do with that! I exclaimed! Then he told me he just felt sorry for it. Little kids were making fun of it and one kids father even said it will probably wind up in the compost heap! He just couldn't leave it there, unloved and unwanted.

Needless to say this big blonde Dutch boy simply melts my heart.

And that odd little misfit of a Jack-O-Lantern is the ONE we always remember!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Glamour Glitter Skull

Run, don't walk to your nearest Michael's Art Supplies store! I just had to share this with you! These ceramic skull votive holders are only $2.99 and are about 6 inches tall!

It's amazing, a little glitter can make ANYTHING pretty!

A few simple steps and WOW!
Step One: paint skull with metalic silver acrylic paint.
Step Two: coat with a thick layer of decoupage medium.
Step Three: sprinkle on the glitter.

He looks like quite a happy fellow doesn't he?!
I added a bit of glow in the dark paint to his teeth to brighten up his smile!

And when Halloween is over :( I'm going to dress him up with beautiful gem stones and pretend it's Pirates Booty!

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Cup of TEE HEE a COOKIE and YOO HOO....

And so the countdown to All Hallows Eve begins. This paper witch was created especially for the Art Doll Quarterly Autumn 2007 issue.

All of the ephemera needed to recreate her and detailed instructions are included to whip up a wicked little witch of your own.

You supply a few pieces of cardstock, decoupage and some fancy trimmings,

I like to work on top of a piece of wax paper, makes for a quick clean up, and I don't know about you, but I'm pretty messy when I get going! Ahem, please ignore clutter!

Awaiting her crepe paper bustle...

She would make a grand table center piece or maybe stand her in a giant bowl of candy!

And last but not least Punk Rock Parisian by Jackie Dunn , I just love that this is how she saw my little paper doll!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Color me Confused!?!

Ok, I hope you will all excuse me now as I am still pretty new to the blogging scene. To read my Newest Post you will need to scroll down past the first two posts! Thinking I would save myself some time, silly me, I saved a couple of posts to "drafts" and somehow my new post ended up or should I say DOWN there!
Note to on tour husband, somewhere in Germany....HALP!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bought myself a pair of Pants

I saw a ghost,
It saw me too,
I screamed in fear,
when it cried BOOOO!

I saw a ghost,
walk through a wall,
I ran in fright,
to the local mall.
Where I bought two skirts and a pair of pants!
Poem by Stuart Macfarlane

Thursday, October 4, 2007

26 Days and Counting!

Heh, heh...