Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Opposites Attract

 A faint face peers out.
 Do you see her frozen there just beneath the surface?
Twin faces permanently affixed in opposite directions….
 forever struggling between personality and appearance.
Opposites Attract Relic Necklace
Ice Resin, Victorian bronze threaded swirl "ball" buttons, antique teardrop and tiny blown glass hollow pearls, golden glass seed beads from a circa 1920's flapper dress, three tiny Persian turquoise beads, Mother of Pearl bird bead sits atop the headdress, spun gold coiled wire and various assorted findings.

Friday, April 18, 2014


 I think the most important thing of all is just to remember to enjoy your life.
 Rejoice in renewal in whatever form it may come to you…
  renewal allows for endless possibilities…    find them…. in a tender hand extended,
  in a gentle embrace, in a sweet smile or kind word offered…
 Make love out of hate by filling your life with beauty.
 Always appreciate your own spirit…. 
be alive and be engaged whilst stealing a bit of magic for yourself here and there along the way.
Sending serene Easter tidings out to you…. 

Renewal Egg Relic
Custom blended casting compound, paints in shades of violet and amethyst express emotions perfectly, wax, antique engraving, paper, tiny lavender threaded silk tassel fringe, halos of minuscule rhinestones, encircled in distorted freshwater pearls, rough cut labradorite, delicate white and copper glass seed beads salvaged from a turn of the century gown that at long last lost its war with age…...

Sunday, April 13, 2014


 Art is a waking dream…. on one hand for me being creative just boils down to being curious, asking "what if" then applying that curiosity in a visible hands on way. It is a means to an end.
On the other hand creativity means you not only like, but love and need to experiment with your chosen medium. 
 It is an uncontrollable urge too powerful to be denied or dismissed, a deep seated desire that must be reckoned with, embrace it, trust it, let your mind be carried by your passions and always….
 in all ways move forward into your creative aspirations. 
 If you are lucky enough to have a "vision" its up to you to make it materialize.
 Create with freedom, wild abandon and most of all lots and lots of love.
  Cultivate your thoughts and emotions…. growing dreams through your art.
 Dreams they can and do come true if you focus and be persistent!
 Awakening Angels Eye "Blue Grotto" Relic Necklace
I've always had a great passion for turquoise. As a teenager I would visit the copper mine in Arizona where my uncle worked.
 I was mesmerized the first time I saw it in the earth…. crude and running across a rock wall in a long thin vein like a seam on a pair of jeans, bright blue as the sky above it.
 That awoke something primal in me and so began an immense life long romance that holds me much more than any diamond ever could. 
 A true wonder if there ever was one. 
 Recycled turquoise beads tied in knots, paints, paper, wax, a custom blended casting compound, tarnished copper chain, a tiny antique copper lock and key set dangle from the end,
 rustic metal ormolu, vintage mother of pearl "wings", glass eye, paste stones and teeny taupe seed pearls.
All seeing, all knowing, all welcoming….

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Floor of Heaven

On my desk…. a big ole heap of "Beautiful Things" remnants, reminders, bits and pieces, a sneak peek at a new piece I'm working on (can you spot it?) and an antique swath of gold embroidered lace sprinkled with tiny pearls and paste stones I affectionately call "The Floor of Heaven" for reasons that are quite obvious!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Round Top Afterglow and Living Life Looking thru Rose Colored Glasses!

 Ok, so its going to be a while before the afterglow of this years Round Top Antiques Week wears off… still dreaming of Tara Royer Steele's crispy, crunchy chicken tenders from Royer's Round Top Cafe & Royer's Pie Haven that mmmmelt in your mouth!
With the magnificent, turquoise laden Bud Royer (a fellow turquoise lover) and the one and only Jo Packham just after an incredible lunch at Royer's! 
 With Jo Packham creator of Where Women Create at Pandora De Balthazar's European Luxury Bedding shop (the bed was dreamy and gigantically enormous!) 
 lots of red, white and blue at the wonderful Holly Kuhn's Old Glory Antiques shop… 
 Truly Looking Thru Rose Colored Glasses at Jo Packham under the big top in a rosy shop 
in Gina Galvin's (of Peacock Park Design) field of dreams,
 stacks and piles of incredible antiques,
  Jen O'Connor's roving Earth Angels Studios on location at Holly Kuhn's Old Glory Antiques featuring Laurie Shuran Meseroll's precious and unmistakable artworks,
   Debbee Baxter Thibault's enchanting character's,
  the madly fabulous Letty Worley Brooks… 3 bears, cats and pups oh! my! 
More and more….
 antiques galore...
  and more of Pandora's linens 
 and laces,
Jennifer Lanne's beautiful can can girl painting (of The Kindred 3 with the rock'n Melody E. Doyel and lovely Marie Pendley) 
 vintage carnival delights and 
one last scene whilst driving away strung out on the clothes line a wonderful Peacock Park lass wall hanging! Whew!!!
 — with Tara Royer Steele, Jen O'Connor, Gina Galvin, Bud Royer, Letty Worley Brooks, Jo Packham, Debbee Baxter Thibault, Laurie Shuran Meseroll, Jennifer Lanne, Melody E. Doyel, Holly Kuhn and Marie Pendley.