Thursday, August 23, 2012

Painted Lady

Isn't it strange... and unexpected...
how an idea for a new project can come from just about anywhere?!
This antique french bronze bust sits on a desk in my bedroom, I see her every single day.
A few weeks ago she spoke to me as I passed by...
I used her lovely face to create a single use mold. Poured putty into it and out she popped!
I think she came out slightly different than the actual bust but I love the way she looks.
She has more depth and character than the original piece, side by side they look like a younger and older version of the same woman.
An innocent teenaged girl and a wiser, more mature woman, past and present, make believe. I do tend to get lost in my work...
I placed the cast and painted face onto a hinged wooden box
within which I keep special treasures hidden.
As a last touch I added an antique carved ox bone rosette to her hair... I believe it was once a brooch, its a piece I've had tucked away for years in my junk drawer waiting for "just the right spot" for it to go!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pet Jewels!

I want to share a special find with you.
As you all know ETSY is an amazing place to shop,
there are wonderful handmade items you just can't get anywhere else in the world!
A few months ago I found these gorgeous dog collars made of supple leather and bezel set brilliant sparkling Swarovski crystals, each stone is about the size
of a two carat diamond! When they sit in a sunny spot colorful rainbow prisms are thrown off in all directions!
You can have them custom created in any color you wish, I chose matte silver to compliment my two fur babies coats.
They are super high quality with nickel plated buckles and wonderful details like three smaller stones on the tip end of the collar.
I really think my two little monkeys look adorable in them! The ETSY shop is called JUST FOR BELLA and you can visit it by clicking here!