Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Facebook or not to Facebook that is the Question?

I have a question and would like your opinion. I need some help making up my mind about something. I think, most probably I am virtually the last person who is not on Facebook!? I have been holding out, not sure why. (Maybe it feels like writing for magazines, working on my own projects, keeping up with my blog and a variety of other diversions, like raising my fur babies, tending to home and garden and husband... etc.) I don't want any one thing to be neglected. Sometimes it all seems like a lot, and then other times I feel like I really need to dive in head first and catch up!! Life is flying by at such lightning speed any more... there is SO much I still want to do. So my question to you is are you on Facebook, do you like it, does it work for you,do you keep up with a blog too? I am trying to decide whether to join Facebook too and would greatly value any input from all of you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Winner & Round Top, Texas!

Thank you everyone for all the kinds words about WHERE WOMEN CREATE and my feature! The winner of a free autographed copy is Marsha DiCostanzo of "Cute Stuff Inside". Be sure to pop back in next week, I am going to put up a post showing a recent working field trip to Round Top, Texas. For those who are not familiar with it, they have a most fabulous antiques fair there twice a year.... it is truly a wonderland of international and local treasures... got to hang out with my friend's Jo, Dana, Rachel Ashwell, and Robin Brown,come back and visit to get all the details!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Where Women Create Magazine Giveaway!

The Winter issue of WHERE WOMEN CREATE magazine is a DREAM issue... it features some of my favorite and extremely inspirational artists!
Like the magical, Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl fame, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of the fabulous blog Apartment Therapy thru which I have had the great honor of having my artwork featured and the Oh - So incredible Countess Isabelle de Borchgrave with her super mesmerizing paper costumes.
Oh yeah... and me! My little studio is featured and I am thrilled, I love writing the Creative Rituals column for WWC,
and so to have the opportunity to share my work space with you within these pages is all kinds of wonderful!
To me it is like entering another world and though it is not a very large room what it lacks in square footage it more than makes up for by providing considerable reverie...
by way of excruciatingly beautiful natural colors,
exquisite antique textures,
and a soothing atmosphere of my kind of mischievous chaos!
It is a place where past butterflies can gently rest on bright pink cheeks,
a place where earth and sea meet...
a place where aqua winged paper creatures roam (lots and lots of them)!
It is my magical room... where amethyst jewel ships sail,
and sail,
and sail on westward winds... I can go in and the ideas just start swirling.
I have a habit of keeping all sorts of gathered oddments that easily set me dreaming... when one dream has come to fruition another immediately begins to brew!
It has always been a dream of mine to be in WHERE WOMEN CREATE (my favorite bookazine), Thank You Jo for including me! I know this will become a highly coveted issue and most probably sell out so run and pick up a copy. I am holding a special magazine giveaway... so leave a comment to win a free copy! Whisper or scream... tell me what your biggest dream is, by stating it aloud for others to hear I feel it solidifies and helps to make it come true! I will pick a winner on November 25th and notify them by email. Good luck and see you soon!