Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Eggs

I went to the market yesterday with big plans for making a festive little Easter cake, which seemed like a good idea... at the time.

We were running low on provisions so I jotted down a few items, milk, butter, a dozen eggs and flour, that should do nicely.

Once at the market I quickly gathered all of the ingredients I needed making sure to open the carton of eggs to be certain none were cracked.

I loaded my groceries into the car, slipped under my seat belt and headed along home.

I had the radio turned up listening to beautiful classical music, pulled up to a red light when suddenly a chill went up my back... I had the distinct feeling I was being watched!

The light turned green, trying to pretend it was just my imagination

I turned the music up and continued along my way.

It has been an especially busy week here in Texas, I got to attend a huge antiques fair that was absolutel, hey did

you hear something?

I could have sworn I heard someone sneeze...

hey there it is again!

Now I know you had to have heard it THAT time?!

It sounded like EHHH AHHH CHOOOoooo and then a tiny small gesundheit even!

And jeepers! Its coming from the back seat!

I pulled over to the side of the road,

got out and cautiously

went around to the trunk,

legs trembling, brow sweating, hands shaking.

The moment of truth... I flung open the trunk door!

I heard in a very loud voice, NOWS OUR CHANCE GUYS! MAKE A RUN FOR IT!

And thats exactly what they did, the dirty dozen rolled down to the floor board, hopped out and scrambled away scattering in every direction!

I thought to myself oh well, so much for our Easter cake, I guess I'll just pick up a couple of smoothies they're better for us any ways! Happy Easter Everyone, may your day be filled with sunshine, joy and lots of brightly colored eggs!