Sunday, June 29, 2008

Le Petit Theatre & A Little Love Affair

Hello Boys and Girls!

See how you beam of seeming white,

Is braided out of seven hued light,

Yet in those lucid globes no ray,

By any chance shall break astray,

Hark, how the rolling surge of sound,

Arches and spirals circling round,

Wakes the hush'd spirit through thine ear,

With music it is heaven to hear!

With that go fast into the night,

A moments haste, the slightest fright,

A curtain rises on the two,

She's dressed in pink,

He's dressed in blue.

With love at every corners turn,


Good night!

True love doth burn!

Mademoiselle Angelique Du Parc is the object upon which the affections of Monsieur Armande Fleurant are fixed at

the present moment.

He met her, I believe, while she was attending school in the city last winter,

and what with accompanying her to matinees,

taking her to church

and lingering by her side in the parlor,

oftentimes in the evening,

with the gas turned low,

the heart of Monsieur Fleurant gradually was induced to throb

only for the pretty lass from Luxembourg.

She has been very gracious to him

during all the time that he has devoted himself to her,

and has seemed to like him so well that there is really no reason

for doubting that when the climax of the little drama is reached,

and the question asked, she will droop her eyelids,

crimson her cheeks with blushes and whisper "Yes!"

It seems I am busy working on projects that are destined to fly away, by that I mean, a piece be either for a special customer or a variety of publications, and while I am honored and beyond thrilled to be able to create these works for others, when I can create a little piece for my very own collection I am just tickled pink! This is such a piece, I have been trying to finish my Petit Theatre and it's tiny patrons for nearly 2 years now! I would work on it a bit, constructing a wooden shadow box, wallpapering it with 150 year old blue and grey striped silk, wiring it for electricity, weaving a miniscule chandelier, then it was back to "real" work! I smooshed together the teeny Mademoiselle's and Monsieur's, cooked them up and dressed them in my finest bits and scraps and was finally able to finish it up last month!
Note: My next post will be on July 13th, at which time I will share more exciting news!
Adieu, my Lovely Friends, until next we meet!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

....and Bullwinkle said to Rocky:

"Watch me pull a rabbit out'a my hat!"

My world is spinning faster and faster all the time!

But I'm loving every minute of it!

Shouting out to the conductor, "Don't stop the merry-go-round, I don't want'a ever get off!"

Back in the fall of 2006 a magical little book was being put together, Crowns & Tiaras, and I was so delighted to have the

opportunity to contribute several of my fanciful headdresses to it.

The theme for this particular paper folly seems a perfect fit for so many of us nowadays, Multitasking!

To quote directly from the book "This tiara is a tribute to all of you who make magic happen every day!"

This piece was constructed entirely out of recycled paper, lots of love and caring, some heavy cardstock,

then embellished with the tiniest bits and pieces of old passementerie, freshwater pearls, lace, millinery flowers and antique rhinestones, there is even the tiniest heart shaped amethyst stone nestled on her stomacher!

This busy lady has three miniature niches built right into her skirt, specifically to house the little ones, to keep them under foot, all the while allowing the children to go about their day and keep up

with the very important business of childhood, reading books, playing music and scattering flowers about!

A sturdy paper head band keeps her tiara securely fastened in place and as you can see, she did very well pull that

proverbial bunny rabbit out of her hat, "Oh, it was nothing, just a little simple everyday magic that's all!"

So when things start to get hectic, and it's looking like you need a tiny break to unwind from it all,

don't be afraid to kick back, put your feet up, break out the champagne and gumballs,

spread a blanket on the lawn and count blades of grass, ( when I lollygag, I really do it up right! )

Just do whatever makes you happy! Take a little "ME" time!

For complete and detailed instructions on how to create this and many more wonderful designs by a host of fabulous mixed media artists, pick up a copy of Crowns & Tiaras. It is one of my most favorite books on the shelf and believe me, you will be ever so glad you did! And on that note: my schedule of late has gotten so full, in order catch up, my next post will be on June 29th, 2 weeks from today. There are some very exciting things in the works, a whole new chapter in my creative career is unfolding and soon I will be able to share them all with you! Adieu my friends, until next time!