Monday, August 29, 2011

A Curious Love of Green

Can an elephant hang from a cliff with his tail tied to a daisy? Does that statement evoke whimsical visions of a fanciful image? For me the mere mention of a certain word or a particular set of words all strung together can stir my emotions along with my imagination.

Even simple things like the names we have given to colors bring sights and sounds into clear view... I feel that most colors evoke emotions, some shout their presence, while others whisper and giggle to make you aware of themselves...

The color green is an especially tantalizing one. Did you know that the human eye is most sensitive to the color green and is able to discern the most shades of this color.

Green is life, fully and joyously abundant in nature signifying growth, renewal, health and the environment. Green has both a cooling and warming effect.

Green calls to my senses.... What does it look like? Emerald, chartreuse, forest, kelly, olive and pea!

What does it taste like? Key limes, Lima beans, lettuce and jello!

It smells like eucalyptus, pine, fresh grass, clean...

It sounds like Kermit, and it sounds extremely crunchy!

What does green feel like? Jealousy, envy, something newer and better as in pastures... it is safety, balance, harmony and stability. Green is honor, fertility, hope, virtue and beauty. It is an ecological movement, it is kinky and kooky and completely magical, it is Paradise!