Sunday, May 25, 2014

Art is Important

 When the pressure gets really intense its good to let off a little steam…. as an artist it just makes sense to push aside a few deadlines and have a bit of fun.
 Shhh…. don't tell! 
 Playing and experimenting with resin to form simple shapes, 
 resulting in different, wonderful degrees of opacity,
 fascinating luminosity, subtle texture and
luscious muted tones creating interesting objects of curiosity (my favorite type of objects - the curious ones….) 
Art is Important.
Art is Honest.
Art is Passion.
Art is Pure and All Encompassing.
Art is Not to be Deciphered, just Enjoyed!

Considering Drops of Jupiter: Resin set in vintage tarnished store stock brass ring shanks.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Magnolia Pearl A Love Story

 Life can be funny, it is easy to receive great joys and the richness of simplicity merely by humbling yourself to any given moment… such as love at first sight.
  Recently while roaming the streets of Austin attending a local art show wearing my favorite Magnolia Pearl duds I was actually stopped by several women who all asked the same question "Where did I get my outfit?" 
 One woman shouted "Oh! I am in love!" with great admiration in her voice and immediately proceeded to touch the fabric making sure to mention she was an extremely "tactile" person, stating "I see better with my hands…" It made me stop and think… yes, I am too. 
 I so love Robin Brown's designs. Everything is created with romance in mind. I think the reason Magnolia Pearl clothing triggers such a huge, palpable reaction in so many women is because most of us are ardent romantics at heart… all the way to the core.
 It is an undeniable fact that beautiful clothes can transform a person and how they feel about themselves. Robin possesses the capability of capturing the true essence of a woman's heart. 
Among other things I use my computer to transport my messages across time and space to share with you, Robin chases rainbows weaving wondrous garments out of moonbeams, she constructs day dreams in linens and spins stories in lace all the while existing with one foot in this world and the other in a magical world of her own creation.
 As an artist exposing your work to the world to be judged can be intimidating. When I put my Magnolia Pearl armor on I can go about my merry way feeling less vulnerable and ready to rule the world or at least my little corner of it anyway!
  Choosing artisan wardrobe allows you to live like an artist… comfortable in your own skin and with others eyes upon you. 
Thank you Robin, you are a generous soul who is truly blessed with a servants heart to be so devoted to creating such beauty. Thank you for sharing your lovely Magnolia Pearl world with us! 

Featured Garments: Hand woven European Linen Binky Tank with Ruffles & Tie in Juniper Stripe. Hand woven European Linen Edlyn Bloomers with shearing waist & legs in Juniper Stripe. Linen AnaKarina Crop Top with Drawstring Neckline & Long Sleeves in Buckwheat Cream. 

Photo Credits: Kim Yarbrough

A Very Special Thank You to Jo Packham!

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Magnolia Pearl Experience

 For those of you who may not yet be familiar with beloved enchantress Robin Brown, designer of the romantic, legendary clothing line Magnolia Pearl…. let me introduce you.
 The Magnolia Pearl brand is not merely wardrobe it is an all engulfing lifestyle one you want to become immersed in, to fully experience it... wearing it... living it… being it.
 Robin creates clothing that allows for freedom and expression of an individual's own unique style meant not only to be worn but to be owned, loved and cherished for a lifetime. She has single handedly ushered in a renaissance in the fashion world creating a cult following along the way.
 Magnolia Pearl clothes are exceptional works of art created from fine quality fabrics that move with a life of their own and seem to some how intuitively adapt themselves to every contour of your body.
 They are infinitely wearable and instantly become old friends, loyal companions you can trust and will stand by you the rest of your life… as treasured heirlooms.
 We are at our best when we feel confident, to me that goes hand in hand with being comfortable. These frocks have truly seduced me, I've never worn anything softer on my skin and that makes wearing each piece an absolute luxury!
 Quality and craftsmanship, care and attention go into every intimate detail like beautiful inset lace, delicate pin tucking, sweet ruffles, eyelets and hand woven fabrics. Robin puts love in every stitch right down to the lovely "MP" labels.
Once you've worn Magnolia Pearl clothes you get it, they are immediately recognizable, unmistakeable and forever irresistible….
 These garments are honest, pure and obviously very beautiful to behold.
 The Magnolia Pearl experience is an entire seduction, an affaire of the heart, soul and senses.
 It is an alternate universe in which you are bathed in an ocean of well being and peacefulness as though being enveloped in a huge hug given in a sincere moment.
 And even though these garments look like a fantasy they are built for the real world, just perfect for moving through everyday life….
There are certain unavoidable truths in our universe…. my experience has been that "MP" is one of those, nearly indefinable but oh so authentic occurrences that all comes down to love…. yes the Magnolia Pearl experience is deeply rooted in LOVE.
FEATURED GARMENTS: Cotton Voile Nonnie Belle Dress, Thin Cotton Mittie Pin-Tuck Slip, Swiss Dot Cotton Bloomers.
Photo Credits: Kim Yarbrough
Magnolia Pearl on Facebook             Magnolia Pearl International 
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A Special Thank You to Jo Packham!                                                    

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Natural High

 A giant leap
 straight out the door
 of a plane.
 Loudly jumping into the sun
 and then
 floating gently,
 softly back to earth.
 Refreshed, renewed, invigorated.
 Truly ready to take on
whatever comes my way…...