Sunday, April 7, 2013


Spring has finally arrived here in Austin and it is bringing with it some interesting guests!
        Carolina jasmine in full bloom....

Big, plump, bright yellow trumpets,
Pink jasmine just starting to pop open, I even saw a funny bee trying to pry one of the buds open!
Pan keeps a watchful eye over everything.
More Pink jasmine... 
                       and it smells just like heaven!
 Gorgeous deep Purple Verbena... swoon... before we moved to this house two years ago we lived in a second story apartment for thirteen years... I am so happy to finally have a garden of my very own, every blade of grass is precious to me!
Puffy little white snowball like pom poms, 
 This plant is called Bridal bush and is truly worthy of its name.
 Waxy looking coral vine flowers, don't they look like they are singing out loud with their mouths open wide... either that or they are saying "Feed Me Seymour!"
Two teeny garden pixies roaming about.
 I didn't plant this wonderful green ground cover, it just showed up one day and began to grow, I looked it up and apparently it is called Wild Ginger... it is so lovely in a shade of blindingly bright apple green!
Holly fern unrolls upon a bed of pine needles...
Quiet stone garden people...
A spotted wild Bengal lurks,
 Friendly frog friends
 and furry puppy babies,
 Cat mint and Lambs Ears too.
Kitty daydreams,
 and dreams interrupted.
          And still more sweet scented Pink jasmine.
 Sticky white papery Plumbago and lastly,
a cute little blue eyed butterfly that acts very much like a Chihuahua! I hope you are enjoying the wonderful warm weather!!