Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inconceivably Preposterous...

Will you just look at what yesterdays sugar sweet raindrops have cultivated...

Tip toe through the tulips with sure to stop and smell the roses, but be careful not to get too close, you just might get your nose pinched!

I was surprised, I always am! I suppose I should have suspected as much...after all my good friend Horton did discover them

all those years ago! And he did you know, hear a who, you know and more than one he did, he did!

So I really should have listened up,

Yes, I really should have guessed!

That an eensy,

weensy girl, well, two in fact, three in back, ok, four to be exactly exact!

Where in the midst of playing a minuscule game of hide and seek, taken in the babiest of baby steps with the teensiest of feets.

Quick, move along over there, duck under and around that stem, rest your elbows up on it, put your face in your arms, close your eyes and count down,

count down, 10- 9 -8- 7- 6- 5- 4- 3- 2- 1, ready or not here I come! Then go a look'n, hide nor hair, here nor there, where,

oh, where can they be? Lots of nooks and crannies, perfect for hiding mongst the buds and blossoms.

Each one keeps a little secret, tell us now, tell us how...but wait I hear snickers and giggles and small little laughs bouncing back and forth mongst the flowers! Don't you peek, don't you dare!

Looking high, looking low, looking here and there, is that? Can it be? A silly funny fellow, excuse me sir, do you know? Have you seen?

Oh, they may be in, they may be out, look up and then look down. Did you see that move? Did you hear that jiggle?

Oh yes! I get it!

Now I see! Hidden in plain sight, a yellow dress, red hair and freckles! Many smiling faces, there's 1, there's 2, but where are you.. tucked in among the posies?

Tip high, tip low, tip tip, tip toe through the tulips with me! Ok, I know people, I have no excuse, cept to say that it all does just roll out

and falls trippingly off the tongue!

As I've mentioned before,

I quite like the thought of the inconceivably preposterous!

I mean will you just look at what a simple seemingly, innocently bestowed gift of a bouquet of flowers has caused?!

And what's more, I can not let them fade away quietly into oblivion

without capturing their rare beauty in each and every stage of existence.

Always and forever, remember, never to forget, each and every moment comes but once!

And now to announce the Where Women Create winners! First prize, a one year subscription to Where Women Create goes to Studio Mystele! Second prize of a WWC exclusive tote bag & treasure box goes to Tatting Chic! And third prize of a WWC tote
bag and designer pen goes to Fannie! Congrats friends and be sure to email me with your contact info!

Visuals details: Half inch tall porcelain dolls, just a tad bigger than your thumb nail, carefully hand painted(my eye still twitches now and then) to resemble some childhood friends and kiln fired. Fresh flowers courtesy of my husband and mother nature.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Giving thanks on Thanksgiving... in these days of trying times, what are you thankful for?
Me? Well, I am thankful for many things like the funny little mocking bird that sits in the tall oak tree down the street,

he sings every single day in the late afternoon. This bird sings wonderful songs, he sings the song of an old squeaky metal gate slowly being opened and a hungry kitty meowing for his dinner with a saucer of milk on the side. This talented and extremely aware little bird even

sings the song of a chubby, green, wide eyed neighbor who lives below him at the edge of the creek, the one that goes, RRRrriiibbttt, ribit, ribit and just for good measure he throws in the occasional cricket's chirp!

I am thankful for happy smiles, young & old, honey in my tea, corn on the cob with sweet butter, the desire to create, cashmere socks, flannel pajamas, but most of all my family and friends & giving thanks to you for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend a bit with me!


And so in the spirit of giving thanks, a beauteous yet useful gift for you, a Thanksgiving place card for all of the Grande Dame's in your house! As for the gentlemen, well,

they should know which lady they are lucky enough to be seated next to! Simply print out the place card below, print directly on to a high grade cardstock, cut out, be sure to leave a 1" tab at the bottom edge to fold over so it will stand. You can also use these as pretty pie markers too! Please, personal use only. Give Thanks at Thanks Giving! Enjoy!
*Note: I will announce the Where Women Create winners on Sunday Nov. 30th!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Happiness is: Finding your way.

Setting out on a new adventure...

in search of exciting, inspiring things...

discovering wonderful places to explore...

and beautiful sites to see!

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?

The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon,

It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon...

We can sing a song...

and sail along the silver sky!

For we can fly!

Up, up and away,

in my beautiful,

my beautiful balloon!

If you hold my hand we'll chase your dream...hee, hee, I can't remember the rest of the words to the song!

Now, I suppose you are wondering what this is all about!

Well, it is finally here! ~WHERE WOMEN CREATE~ and it has blown in on the wind like a ship set out to sea,

carrying it's creative bounty to all!

First there was the book, "Where Women Create" by Jo Packham and now the quarterly magazine! And it is everything you could have imagined and more!

This magazine, hmm, I feel funny calling it that, it is really more like a book, and let me tell you, cover to cover yummy!

Where Women Create is a place where beauty and clever creativity abound! Jam packed with delicious photos, words of wisdom

from artist's you know and love and my favorite section, Where Women Shop the place to find exclusive limited edition objects of desire by the featured designers, like Jenny Doh! Karima Cammell! Jill Schwartz! Denise Sharp! Lisa Kaus! Debbee Thibault!

and A Creative Woman, print on canvas by your's truly, along with my new column Studio Chic, as well as works and offerings by Anna Corba, Jody Battaglia, Kaari Meng, Jen O'Connor, Shelli Gardner, Mary Jane Butters and the list goes on! Quite the roster!

Then there are all the additional goodies like the Silver Suitcase Society, which is your passport to the creative journey!

I can't begin to tell you guys how wonderful and supportive you are, and in celebration of the launch of Where Women Create, I want to show my appreciation by giving away one ~FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION~to the magazine as first prize! A $60.00 value!

As second prize, a Where Women Create tote bag with a

little box of treasure inside!

And as third prize, another tote bag with a WWC pen so you can sketch out all of your creative ideas!

The magazine is truly a little slice of heaven to be poured over again and again! Every time I look at my already well worn issue I see something new! Find your way to the place where women create, really, you owe it to yourself! I will pick the winners on Sunday, November 30th, good luck to you all! Visuals details: hot air balloon created from a champagne cork basket, antique fashion plates, some hemp string and cardstock, old European paper maps, antique books and a wooden pointing "He went that way!" hand found at a thrift shop. You can pick up a copy at your local craft store or order the magazine on line at or