Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Handmade Halloween!

 Instead of buying ready made Halloween masks this year I thought I would create some fun
 handmade ones….
 You only need a few supplies….
 and they are probably things you keep stocked up on at home.
 Start off with some interesting antique photographs, altered with mysterious little black construction paper masks. Enlarged on a photo copier….
 Use crepe paper, card stock, wooden craft sticks, glue, sparkly pipe cleaners, tinsel and whatever else you might have stashed away to decorate your paper paddle masks.
 Finally finish them off with a bit of chalk paints added to cheeks and to liven up their dull wardrobe. Lastly don't forget to poke holes where your eyes will go so that there won't be any stumbling around in the dark!
Here's to a Happy, Healthy and perfectly Haunted Halloween!!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cat Eyes & living with Richard Parker

 What wonders lie behind those wide, round, ever so pale green eyes?
 I'm certain they are mysterious, unknowable, soul searching thoughts...
 She sits motionless, as though in a trance.
 Hypnotized by something juuussst out of reach,
 something my eyes are not privy to.
 Sometimes I can see the sun and clouds convexly reflected there,
 and it takes my breath away.....
My girl Alex aka Richard Parker sends out swirling sweet October greetings to you all!
Richard Parker is my fierce companion......  (reference: Life of Pi)  ^..^   I suppose, now that I think about it... I've always wanted to live with a wild animal and now I do!