Monday, May 4, 2009

I've been Thinking...

There are many moments in life.

Moments in our own lives, in those of others and in our collective lives together.

Spectacular moments when the waters part, the sun shines down and a star is born. That one perfect time when everything aligns and a unique creature is brought forth, Mozart, Picasso, Shakespeare, Da Vinci...

and I think to myself, you know, there are people who focus on the box, then there are the more adventurous types who focus on thinking outside the box, and then there are those exceptional masterminds

who never thought there was a box to begin with!

Still thinking...maybe creating is all relative, like creating art or prose is much akin to composing music, the melody of the piece must ebb and flow in perfect harmony.

When it's there, it is there and there's no denying it! Full force, head on like a locomotive traveling nonstop into oblivion.
Abundant, excessive emotions well up...

I mean can you just imagine the feelings of joy that must swell in a fish to cause it to leap from the water?! I have thought and thought on this particular thing for many years and I have finally figured it out...

well, for me at least. If I could have any wish I wanted granted to me by a magic genie, the wish I would wish for

would be to have full and vivid total recollection,

of the very first moment, of the very first time

I opened my eyes to see!