Thursday, January 29, 2015


WHERE WOMEN CREATE Spring 2015 issue will hit newsstands Feb 1st!!!
And inside I have a little surprise of my very own!!
Pinch me....


RELICS & ARTIFACTS Prima Marketing Flowers
From the Crosse Collection: Just a few simple steps, a bit of ribbon, some fabric scraps, a little chain, a brooch back, a gem stone.... and you have created a fabulous on trend pin to wear. The exact same piece nestled into a niche in an old book.... makes a gorgeous home decor design that you would see in a high end catalog but you made it for pennies and had fun doing it!! You could do the same piece a hundred times and no two will ever look the same! And thats the beauty of this collection... the possibilities are truly endless!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday

When I was a kid I never dreamed of being a model when I grew up. My idea of the perfect day was spending it on the back of a horse, riding until the sun went down. I lived in tee shirts and frayed, faded jeans. (not a lot has changed) I preferred turquoise and silver to diamonds any day, and couldn't be bothered to do anything to my hair but leave it straight. So when I found myself in L.A. going on casting calls, no one was more surprised than me! On my rare day off I'd found a place to go horseback riding in the valley, it was something that helped keep me sane in what was otherwise a fast paced lifestyle...
An Incident: I'll share with you a funny story about Jon Cryer... so back in the 80's he was hot property. I mean "Pretty in Pink"had just came out and that whole brat pack gang, well their careers were on fire! He happened to be a guest on a talk show that I was also booked on only I wasn't being interviewed I was modeling the latest fashions. I thought he was super cute and we flirted back and forth all night, but he never actually approached me himself... that is until I was leaving after the show. There was a long black limo in the parking lot, a guy got out and walked over to me. I thought it was Jon for sure but instead it was his best friend?! I got into my car, rolled down the window and his friend said "Jon would really love to take you on a date for drinks and dinner at Spago (which is a great restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck) What shall I tell him?" And I thought to myself Wow, are you kidding?! (I adored Jon Cryer, that hair, those eyes, those lips!!!) And I told his friend, "Well that sounds fabulous and you can tell Jon that if he had approached me himself I would have said yes!!" Then I drove off, home to my kitty and left over El Pollo Loco (Yum)!! I mean what the heck, a girls gotta have some standards, right?! ha ha ha... I've never regretted it.
Photo shoot on location on the island of Mauritius, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mysteriously Drawn to RELICS & ARTIFACTS

While in Anaheim during the Craft & Hobby Association show I was so surprised by a woman who told me she was Mysteriously Drawn to my RELICS & ARTIFACTS Craft Blank Collection ( Prima Marketing Flowers ) She said she wasn't really into antiques but that one of the sweet cherub faces reminded her of something her grandmother had on her dresser top when she was a child... That the piece brought back a long ago, forgotten memory that had been lost to her until this moment!! And then she proceeded to buy the entire collection to carry in her shop! I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me knowing that these pieces (I've collected and love so much) are touching people in such unexpected ways!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Would you do me a big favor and please leave a comment on the Prima blog and tell us your thoughts, also share this post to help spread the word!!
Take your art to the next level with RELICS & ARTIFACTS Craft Creatively!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Back to the Future with RELICS & ARTIFACTS by Sandra Evertson- Prima Marketing Inc.THE CURATED COLLECTIONS

I want to start a RELICS & ARTIFACTS "TRIBE" of enthusiasts and we're going to develop an entire culture around these unique & rare beauties! We're putting together a FB group where all of your glorious R&A creations can be shared and we can talk about the millions of different techniques that can be used on this versatile craft artisan friendly surface. The pieces are made from resin with a matte finish, strong, durable and takes any medium like a dream! Each piece will have a wire loop or holes for hanging... And can I say how much fun these pieces are to play and create with?! You can combine and rearrange the different elements in an infinite number of ways... You could do a hundred of them and no two will ever turn out looking the same! RELICS & ARTIFACTS from Prima Marketing Inc. will ship in March so look for them at your local craft store & on line. This collection will be cherished because of its timeless appeal. Create your very own private "curated" collection. 
Take your art to the next level with RELICS & ARTIFACTS - Craft Creatively!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Ok, so I thought for Throwback Thursdays I'd share a few personal, professional, pleasant memories... 
On the set of Wayne's World 2 in costume. (and yes I know... before you say it, scandalous wardrobe, but hey, thats what the costume designer put on me!) smile emoticon 
Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are just as wonderful as you hope they'd be, sweet kind and caring people. Heather Locklear is as beautiful in person as she is on screen. A funny thing I remember about Christopher Walken is that he walked around the set with a half eaten apple in his jacket pocket, he would take it out, eat a bite, tape a scene and put it back into his pocket. Joe Perry is dreamy and such a gentleman. And as for my friend Steven Tyler... well, I never kiss and tell! Lets just say we had a great time together and it was fun while it lasted... C'est la Vie!!!!

Thank You!!!!

Back Home Again, CHA and Holy Smokes!!
Well I took the red eye back to Austin, arrived home a 2:00 am, slept all day and woke up feeling like this has all been one HUGE dream!! I want to thank the wonderful Prima Marketing Flowers team for being so welcoming and supportive and really making me feel like family! "Happy Birthday to Me!!" wink emoticonha ha ha.. and I want to thank all of you my Friends for being so enthusiastic about my new RELICS & ARTIFACTS craft blanks collection and leaving such nice comments and sharing with others!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ok, So here goes… holding my breath and typing with shaking hands. Introducing my RELICS & ARTIFACTS craft blank collection!!! I've teamed up with the wonderful people at Prima Marketing Flowers to bring you this versatile line of ornaments that is made of resin with a matte finish, strong, durable, takes any medium like a dream and are easy and fun to adorn! The idea for this collection came to me two and a half years ago. It stems from my nearly obsessive impulse to collect. I've been a gatherer all my life. I have several curiosity cabinets with shelves full of unusual antique oddments of all sorts, lying next to each other side by side, broken statuary fragments, found feathers, ornate Spanish ex votos, 18th century French military medals, mineral specimens & ancient fossils, sacred Italian milagros, Roman intaglios, finely carved cameos and the list goes on… treasures I've collected from every corner of the earth and even some lost pirates bounty recovered from the ocean depths like the Caravaca double cross which came from a long ago sunken vessel in Spain. I derive inspiration from a habit I have of rearranging these pieces into different groupings and vignettes, adding new objects as I discover them. This creative ritual is where the idea originated for these craft blank designs. Handcrafted molds are taken directly from my rare antique originals then castings are created and refined into these classic and timeless curated arrangements ready to be re-imagined in any number of unique and beautiful ways. Just embellish and decorate with your favorite medium… painting, stamping, decoupage, glitters, rhinestones, pastel chalks, stains, anything you can dream up can be applied to these craft blanks to create your own museum worthy collection! I want to inspire the home craft artisan to create uncommonly wonderful and dramatic things to decorate their homes and lives. Take your crafting to the next level, ignite your imagination and elevate your art by starting with exquisite Relics & Artifacts! These pieces will become trusted staples in your craft library, pieces you will go to again and again to recreate in an endless variety of ways, the combinations and rearrangement options are limitless, so fabulous you'll want to collect them all! Thank you to Prima for sharing my vision! I'll be in Anaheim at the Prima booth for the Craft & Hobby Association convention tomorrow through the 13th to launch the line, if you are at the show please come by and say Hello, I'd love to meet you! Feel free to share this with your friends to help get the word out! You can also check out the collection on Prima's blog:…/introducing-relics-artifacts.html
Please do me a favor and pop over there and leave us your thoughts and comments, Happy Crafting!!!