Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carpe Diem!

Sometimes the magical secret you carry with you when you are an artist is a bit hard to contain...

Somewhat reminiscent of the cat that swallowed the proverbial canary!

A precious little secret that is all your own, unless you decide to share it with others.

Like take for instance, someone asking you to tell them the story of your life,

I tell them, well, umm, you know, I always read the last page of a new book first!

So lets take it from there...

I find that I seem to work at things in a backwards kind of way.

By this I mean, I create the end first, then the middle, then the beginning.

It can all be a smidge confusing at times, one thing I can say for certain is I am always surprised by how it turns out,

though it does seem like I am constantly scrambling to keep up,

as though something, somewhere else is calling all the shots,

like maybe a creative gremlin of sorts and I, well, I am merely that clever little imp's servant,

whose duty it is to assemble each piece as quickly and efficiently as possible!

It never fails and almost always follows the same general pattern.

I toil away into the wee hours of the morning, till I can finally find a stopping place,

then arise the next day to be absolutely bewildered and astounded to see it all finished!

Art is like that for me, good clean fun and totally momentous!

Like Newton's apple,

a book falls from it's shelf,

hits the floor with a bang,

pops open, and

the light bulb goes off!

Of course!

I get it!

Yes, I see what you mean!

those characters just wanted,

to come out and play!

Shakespeare and sea ships, like sweet songs on two lips or tulips on true lips they dare!

Discoveries abound in silent no sound,

across vast waterless oceans come long lasting whispers past chattering teeth,

time is but fleeting and meeting us there!

Prepare for the magic that is close at hand, pull up a chair and sit for a bit,

perched stage front and center, next to the band.

Give a wink and a smile, an acknowledging glance,

today we are joyous, tomorrow's pure chance!

Carpe Diem!
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