Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Does your life ever just get completely away from you, things get so busy you can't tell which is up and what is down?! I have a little confession to make... We moved into a beautiful new home, I'm very happy but swamped with many "To Do" lists! I'm in the midst of packing and unpacking and going absolutely bonkers... like when the movers came in and told me they couldn't fit our very large bookcase through the front door without removing the door jam...?!*%$#@&... What would you like us to do lady?!! I had to secretly retreat to the closet (which by the way is where my puppy & kitty where temporarily being held to keep them safe & out of harms way) thats where my husband found me sitting on the floor, having a cup of tea and murmuring to the cat and dog about the movers.

But.... I have found that there are moments of utter and true magic in all things! As I unwrapped and began placing items in their new spot, here and there, I casually sat an antique crystal fob down on top of a mirror momentarily while I went to search out some string with which to hang it... upon returning with said string my jaw dropped...

My eyes opened wide in disbelief and wonder at site that lay before me!

Thank you, I whispered to no one - or some one in particular, be it as it may... and ran to dig out my camera!

I guess sometimes all the planets align and magic happens right under our noses! Astonishing beauty and serenity is always there - hidden just slightly out of view - the light hits it just right, it sparkles at you and sings to you in tingles and twinkles and comes to life! Saying ... Hey! Look at me, Do you see me?!

See me! I did see...
Yes, Thank You to the powers that be for not only allowing me to see and experience this magic but to capture it too!

It's beauty was blinding and deafening, brilliantly peaceful & uproariously outrageously loud all at once.

I have somehow mistakenly been allowed to enter a magic realm, yes Thank You... I whispered again.

And so back to reality..... In the weeks and months to come I will be placing up for sale in my Etsy shop lots of wonderful things!

Precious items I have kept in my private collection for may years! You don't realize how much stuff you have until you move!

Fabulous little rarities and obscure curiosities. I feel it is time to pass along for others to enjoy, after all, we are just temporary guardians of these treasures...

Come back and check my ETSY shop for new items! Until next time I bid you Adieu and Whew!