Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A House into a Home

Slow and steady,

bit by bit,

inch by inch

and piece by piece

a house is something

that you build.

A home is

a place that you create.

A house is manufactured

from wood

and nails

and bricks.

A home is made

of hopes

and dreams.

A house is built

on a solid substructure of

mortar and iron.

A home's foundation

is reinforced by



and most of all love.

A house is a shelter

from nature's elements.

A home is your protection

from the sometimes overwhelming pressures

of the outside world,

your comforting refuge,

a safe sanctuary,

your carefree, easy and happy place!

VISUALS: My husband and I purchased this beautiful wooden Victorian house from a wonderful Etsy shop, it came in a box of what seemed like thousands of pieces, it took us three days to put it together but it sure was fun!