Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Valentine to You...and a Winner!

...and now lets lower our voice and be a bit wary,

for we want to enter the realm of creativity,

the space in which the hidden form and

the seeking form circle one another,

intertwine and wait in the twilight of their dream,

for the light to come,

in order to give them color and contours,

and to illuminate what has turned into an image!

Whoever would be brash enough to enter here

with the blazing torch of curiosity

would find little more than a mistily drifting cluster of images.

For this space does not permit a direct approach,

and it does not respond to concrete demands!

I'd forgotten how much I love watercolors, it's been a while since I last picked up my brush, and now I remember my little liquid

love affair, the soft, thick texture of the paper, the way it pulls the paint right into it, colors gently flowing together, sometimes tender, sometimes bold,

just heavenly....and after I spent the afternoon painting this little Valentine, I decided to create something I've had in my head for a long time now, I have collected music boxes since I was a kid. I have always just adored the tinny tones and their enchanting but clumsy movements. I am expanding my creative horizons, this is a whole new medium for me, and
so, here is the first of many...Now playing for your enjoyment "A Midwinter Nights Dream" peer into the portal...

Visuals Details: I created these music boxes out of various antique odds and ends, cleaned and rebuilt the moving parts. Redressed the petite ballerinas, as they were nude when I found them. The wings I attached to her once belonged to a dashing dragonfly, he was dropped on my doorstep last summer by a busy mother swallow. I sealed them to protect their delicate beauty. I painted the porcelain butterfly girl bust in soft shades of lavender and blue to match the small remnant of 1920s crushed velvet, that I used to cover the music box. Lastly a few gems were added for just a bit of sparkle.
And now for the OWOH winner of Cinderella's paper slippers **Rebecca Ramsey** thank you to one and all it was such fun!