Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Year Blog Anniversary!

All of my life, I have never quite fit in, always felt out of place, odd man out, you know? Some times over exuberance, adventurous curiosity and creativity can cause others to misunderstand and even shun you, but here, with you I can be me. I can express my self freely with words and visuals

and not only do you accept me but you encourage me too! And I tell you, it is ever so appreciated! Today, among all of you sister artistic types, well, I can finally say, I fit in, the puzzle is complete!

Having the opportunity to share the artistic life with all of you brings me more joy and happiness than I can ever express! When I began this fantastic voyage up and out into the wide expanse of the great blogisphere , I really wasn't sure just what to expect.

You see, for a year or so I had been quietly stopping in on all of you, Oooing and Ahhing, smiling and laughing, admiring fabulous works of art, fawning over charming children and sweet little pets. It was one amazing adventure after another!

I am still and always will be, absolutely astonished that I am so lucky as to exist in a time where this kind of communication and sharing exchange is possible! I often daydream of times long ago, when wardrobe was elegant and fanciful,

manners were delicate and always a'minded, and romance was, well, it was romantic! Nevertheless, the reality is, I am continuously excited and exhilarated at my good fortune to be here at this very moment in time and as we are all well aware, every moment exists just once! Now, I know, I do ramble and can go on and on

about the simplest of things, but to be able to visit each and every one of you (even if it does take me some time to get around) I truly cherish and relish the time we "virtually" spend together, no matter how short! When I visit you,

I travel down the page to catch up on all that I have missed! And you stay with me as I go about my days, there are
always lovely little reminders that pop up and make me think of you... the pretty flowers at the market... Oh, how absolutely

intoxicating the photos of her ever so lovingly tended garden were! Or while strolling my little dog though the park, I catch a glimpse of children at play and remember... that adorable baby curled up and fast asleep in mom's shopping cart! Then

there's the kindness and sensitivity and honesty and friendship from a far away friend, a friend yet unseen, but a friend still indeed, a friend in need, in need of seeds! ;) ...and I hope they grow too! Let us not to forget, the traveling I do, Oh yes, a virtual jet setter I am!

***a break in the story here, This is the first of my "GIVEAWAY" items. She is a tall witty lady made from porcelain and glass!***

Continuing right along... Why, just yesterday I had a tangy parfait with the most fascinating of ladies, in Paris, no less!

Then a last minute, late night cap and a biscuit or two, over some stamps and ink, in the hippiest, dippiest pub in all of London!

AND... the Food! Yes! The Food! Delicious, delectable recipes for finger lickin, lip smackin, cookies and candy, pastas and soups and

cupcakes, yummy, cupcakes, both real and faux! Then lets us mosey on down to the O K Corral to join in on the

artistic adventures of a creative cowgirl!

And just before cruising on back home,

and hopping the last train to Sleepyville,

***a short break again. This is the second of my "GIVEAWAY" items. A sassy dress form in a studded bra!***

and we continue... headed straight for Dreamland, don't you know!

I popped in to see a colorful character, a weaver of magic and mischief in a patch of the world so very far away, turned upside over,

or I should say, way down under!

A visit to get a lesson from the master herself, on applying my new shade of lipstick! Oh, Yes!

***guess what, break again! The third "GIVEAWAY" item. A risque mannequin wearing only a skirt and a necklace, for shame!**

And we're back... And when my head hits the pillow and I finally close my eyes at night to drift off to sleep, my mind is torrentially flooded with marvelous images and colors and words from the wonderland of on line journals and artwork I have absorbed into every fiber of my being!

So this is our collective legacy... Cheers to you, here's to me, and all that will be, we go up, we come down and then circle around, to meet in the middle, on a soft quiet day, to live and to laugh and to share and to play with God speed! Here's to us, to us, yes indeed!

***one last break! The fourth, fifth and sixth of my "GIVEAWAY" items, 3 porcelain head blanks, to do what you wish with!***

Thank you one and all, for sharing your talents...

Thank you for sharing your time...

Thank you for always being so supportive, it truly allows me to create with abandon and joy!

The world spins, time flies, life goes by... One year behind me and full steam ahead!

My appreciation runs deep... Thank you for being one of the beautiful intricate pieces in our creative puzzle!

I like to give away things that are special to me, because I feel, if it carries meaning for me, it will carry that meaning with it, to pass it along so that it may be re-enjoyed and re-loved by others! These 6 items are to celebrate with you!
Please make sure I have a way to contact the 6 winners, on Sunday August 10th I will draw 6 names at random and then match one of the 6 giveaway items to a name. (*porcelain half doll with marbles dress, *dress form in studded bra, *risque mannequin, *small porcelain doll head blank, *medium porcelain doll head blank, *large porcelain doll head blank)
See you in two weeks to announce the winners!
P.S. Thank you Dear Donna, I have finally found the perfect little bodies for the china heads you gave me!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Where Women Create

Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women...

From the time we are small children,

a dream lies hidden deep in our heart.

Sometimes it is shared with our best,

most trusted friends;

but often it is kept hidden,

because the possibility of it ever happening

is too unbelievable to consider. (excerpt from the book Where Women Create by Jo Packham Sterling/Chapelle)

If you don't already have this little gem, run right out and get it!

Then enjoy and savor each page from cover to cover!

I have to say it is one of my FAVORITE books on the shelf! And never fails to inspire me!

And best of all, coming this fall, November 2008 to be exact,

is an exciting quarterly magazine, based on this AMAZING book!

Did I already say AMAZING? Well, I meant to say, AMAZINGLY EXCITING, INSPIRING, and absolutely EXTRAORDINARY!

I for one, am on the edge of my seat and have been for months now! I think it is just the most fantastic thing since

sliced bread! When I found out about the new publication, I took out my copy of WHERE WOMEN CREATE and reread it,

I mean really devoured every delicious morsel! I love having a peek into other peoples studios and work spaces!

And as for my "news" I've been jabbering on and on about for the past few weeks,

Well, I am happy to announce, I am so fortunate as to be writing a column for the visual feast that is on its way to newsstands everywhere!

I am so excited and just really thrilled to set out on this WHERE WOMEN CREATE adventure with all of you!

There now, Whew! The cats out of the bag, and we can all look forward to what's in store!

Mark your calendar's! You won't want to miss out! Now then,

have you ever wondered if that illusive little thing called "inspiration" can be captured and stored,

to be kept at the ready just when you need it?! I have just fairly recently discovered a wondrous, mechanical instrument that

will allow me to do just that! My camera! Silly, I know, but I have been having big fun with it, experimenting with amusing

and interesting ways in which to present the things I see and the way I see them...

To capture a host of magical, marvelous images,

and fleeting moments in space and time,

and share them with you!

I can hardly wait for the first issue to hit the stands, the BUZZZ is OUT!

And I know that Stampington & Company and Chapelle have some "Fabuloscity" in store! Just check out the list of featured All Star Artists:

Sally Jean Alexander , Marcia Ceppos of Tinsel Trading Company,

Jenny Doh Editor-in-Chief at Stampington & Company , Kaari Meng of The French General

Jen O'Conner of Earth Angels, just to name a few! I don't know about you, but I am just itching to get my hands on

a copy of this new Magazine and I'm crossing off the days! X X X X X

And so the Count Down begins!
*Edited July.25.08*
Pop on over to Jenny Doh's new blog "Crescendo" to read more about Where Women Create!

See you in two weeks my friends! Oh, and by the way, my One Year Blogging anniversary is coming up real soon and I'm planning on some fun giveaways, more about that next time! Adieu!