Sunday, January 25, 2009

~One World One Heart Giveaway is Seeking Cinderella~

High upon a hill is a castle, where something wonderful is kept. Once you've made your way, way, way up and in, you then must go down, deep down again, right into the darkest and coldest and oldest part of the tower.

Over in the corner, behind the kindling and cobwebs is a small wooden box, delicately lifting the lid you see several sparkling shards of....What, broken glass?!

How can this be, you said it was something special?! Look closely my dears, see the scrap of paper nestled beneath the tiny broken bits, slide it out, careful now so as not to get cut.

Read it aloud, what does it say? To whom it may concern; The precious pieces that rest within came from the glass slipper once worn by none other than Cinderella herself,

such was their fate....reunited with their mate and happily ever after they lived.
Till one did get broken, no words were spoken, just delicately tucked within!

Have you noticed our lovely visitor, a quiet little thing she is, she just floated in on the breeze and decided to stay for a bit!

And when she was finished she fluttered by and right out the window she went!

With out even saying goodbye! Oh, well, such is life!

And so on to the business at hand, I think it is so important to do what we can for each other, to uphold and support each other in gracious and positive ways, and this One World One Heart event is just the perfect venue in which to do so.

Because of the thoughtfulness of Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swiftka at A Whimsical Bohemian our wonderful host for this event we are able to share, if even a small part in each others lives, and I'm happy to be a part of it!

A gift is giving a tiny bit of your heart away, usually when you give some thing away, you have less, stands to reason doesn't it?

But in the case of a gift, you have more, always, always, more.

More friendship, more kindness, more sharing and most of all more love!

I like to give away things that mean a lot to me. Something I throughly enjoyed creating,

and every time I see the piece I am reminded of the particular place in time I was,

and the thoughts that ran through my mind. Each creation is a personal little "time capsule" forever related and attached to

the artist that created it. The two are linked for eternity. It amazes me the places my mind explores while I busily work away.

A moment in 4th grade, a shiver runs down my spine as I recall standing up at the front of the class, reading out loud

the essay I had written on "Our Friend the Platypus", yes I said platypus, well, we got to choose what we wanted to report on and that's what I chose!

Or a trip to the ocean at 10, where I spent hours playing in the surf and talking with all the tiny, curious crabs that gathered

around me as I ate my peanut butter sandwich and wiggled my toes each time the foamy bubbles tickled them.

Oh, but my mind does wonder, and I'm sure glad that it has such a good sense of direction, otherwise it might get lost!

And as all those memories come flooding in they are carried right into the very soul of a project, woven deep within and

there they will always remain!
Fantastically romantic wouldn't you say?!

So there you have it,

a little piece of me,

and a little piece of you,

sharing our gifts with the world!

May I ask you a personal question? What size shoe do you wear? Will these fit you?

I am seeking Cinderella, just leave a comment and you will be entered to win this pair of ~One of a Kind~Paper Slippers! Created by little ol' me, and best of all, there is a funny secret stuck on the bottom of one shoe, and nope, it's not gum, but only the winner will get to find out what it is!

So kick off your shoes and slip into these babies they are guaranteed to satisfy every girls shoe fetish!

And this time, no blisters, I promise! Make sure you leave your contact information, cut off time to enter is Wed Feb 11th at 10pm CST and the winner will be announced February 12th!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lucky Two Shoes

Let's start the new year off on the right foot shall we......and she knew that from the moment she spotted those perfectly emerald green shoes in the department store window that her young life would never be the same again. You see, these were no ordinary shoes, they were lucky shoes, charmed shoes, if you will.

Yes, charmed shoes for sure. Whenever she wore them, which was almost every day, by the way, there was a spring in her step and a bounce in her walk and all things good were destined to happen.

And they did, let me just say! You see she spent so much time looking down at her beautiful new shoes, admiring their lovely emerald greenness, that she found every copper penny and silver nickel and shiny quarter and dime anyone had ever dropped!

Hers was a charmed life indeed, fashion and fortune at the tips of her toes! Don't you just know that the life lived in those two green shoes was wonderfully adventurous and as you can plainly see she wore them until they practically fell off her feet!

Heck, who wouldn't have, just look at them! And when that fateful day eventually arrived, when it was painfully evident that it was time to hang up her cherished emerald green shoes, she didn't say a word, just slowly slipped them off her feet,

dusted them with her mothers most expensive and best smelling powder and carefully, thoughtfully stuffed each one with crisp white tissue paper. Then she sat them high upon a shelf in her room, the shelf she could see directly from her bed.

She placed them right next to the jar filled to the brim with her "lucky two shoes" coins. Preserved, put to rest, and now only to be admired, never worn or played in again! How sad....sad for me, she thought.

And once in a while, when she was feeling particularly melancholy, she would take them down, put them on her hands and make believe they were out once again for a walk in the park on a warm sunny day! Oh what fun we did have, didn't we?!

Well, I guess those enchanted shoes weren't quite ready to retire just yet, no not just yet! Can you guess what those emerald green shoes did after dark, when everyone in the whole house was sleeping? Can you guess?! Why they got right up, not even

bothering to remove their noisy tissue stuffing and danced all through the night! Yes, until the wee hours of the morning, you know that magical time, between daylight and darkness when the moon bids the sun Adieu!

And time moved along, as time always does, she grew and passed from childhood into adulthood, she became a young lady, with young lady thoughts and young lady cares, all the while she consistently kept those emerald green shoes near by. Oh, she

had since had a few other pair of mighty fine shoes, she even had a glittering pair of ruby red slippers, yes some very fine ones indeed! But none could compare and as she traveled from place to place and year to year went by, those pretty little shoes went right along with her, funny, they even seemed to age themselves, showing fine little

wrinkles and shrinking ever so slightly. And as she grew old and her days grew darker and quieter and sleepier, she asked her favorite granddaughter, who was named after her and looked just like her when she was young, to please bring the shoes to her.

In doing as requested, she pushed a chair up to the shelf where they were kept and picked up the green shoes ever so gently with two fingers, noticing that they must not have been moved for ages, as there were two clear footprints standing alone in the dust where the shoes had been.

Please, sit them here beside me on the bed, she whispered, as she patted with her hand the spot she meant. A slow sweet smile gently curled up and spread across her face. Then she began to speak in a soft, strained voice and the very last words she spoke here upon this great earth were,

"Damn things, always gave me blisters!"

Final note: Hee, hee, forgive me, but I couldn't help myself!