Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Happened One Day

I want to share something with you, a small but large something that happened one day and changed me forever.
Sometimes beautiful things happen when you least expect it, and then those events have the capability of affixing themselves deeply into your psyche,

locking on and in effect setting it in stone. It can even change your course and the way you see people from then on. When I was in my twenties, the market where I shopped was just a couple of blocks away, so I used to put on my backpack and walk over to buy my weekly groceries.

One day on the way there I passed an elderly bag lady,
I know she was homeless because I saw her out on the streets fairly often. Usually I passed by her in my car, but on this particular day our paths crossed directly.

I guess I had been lost in thought and wandered up on her, nearly bumping into her. I found myself face to face with that woman, she was shaking her head and mumbling something I couldn't quite make out, over and over again. At first I was a bit startled as I looked into her yellow green eyes, right at that moment I felt very connected to her, almost familiar.

I saw many things in her eyes, I saw a mother and a father, I saw sisters and brothers. I saw a past, a present and a future. I excused myself to her, and went on about my way, as I shopped I had the notion to get something for her so I picked up a wrapped sandwich, some fresh fruit and a bottle of chilled juice and had them put it in a separate bag so I could give it to her if she was still there.

I finished my shopping and started out the door to head back home. Looked around to see if I could spot her anywhere and yep, she was still out there, standing in the hot sun. I had a few bucks left over and thought I'd give that to her as well.

I walked up to her, held out the bag of food I had gotten for her in one hand and the money I intended to give her in the other. I smiled at her and made a gesture as if to say, here you go... take it. She looked directly into my eyes and violently shook her head "No".

Mind you, she didn't say the word "No" out loud, but it was more than clear what she meant. She continued to shake her head, I was confused, then I noticed that she was pointing at the ground, over and over, pointing down towards the ground.

It took me a minute but I finally figured it out, she wanted me to "drop" my offering...and so I did...I "dropped"/sat it on the ground so she could then "find" it. As I turned and walked away, right at that moment, it broke my heart for some reason, but then as I walked back home and thought and thought about it, I came to understand.

I realized that it was not a sad thing at all, it was a very beautiful thing. While she may not be so well off, she still had one very important thing, she still had her dignity and that was wonderful to me. It taught me a very important lesson.

She may have had a hard life and she may have lost some things along the way, but her dignity certainly was not one of them. I never saw her again after that, I don't know what happened to her but the lesson she taught me that sunny day has stayed with me, and has helped me to be thankful for all of life's experiences and I am definitely better for having had such an encounter with her!

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