Thursday, May 28, 2015

TBT Stampington & Company Stamps!

I was shuffling through some boxes yesterday and found these! An assortment of stamps I created for Stampington & Company a few years back... isn't it funny how just seeing or hearing something specific can bring memories rushing back to you?! I had been playing with ink and accidentally spilled it all over me and the project I was working on... there is was a distinct silhouette of a dancing lady... and a line of ink blot stamps was born!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Spotting Trends with Prima

Prima Marketing Inc is spotting the newest and hottest Trends!
Pop over to their blog and read all about it!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RELICS & ARTIFACTS Chandelier Pendants!!

Create something Dramatic with these unique curvaceous Chandelier Pendants. I know this may sound crazy but I am already thinking about holiday ornaments and these are going to make amazing tree decorations, or added to festive garlands, or to top off a special gift tag. I have a friend who is a grade school teacher and she's going to have all of her classes decorate them to give as gifts to their parents! Just imagine adding the child's name and year and some fun, colorful finger painting! I'm working on some right now that will adorn a Cleopatra style necklace. Or your could create a whole croup of them dipped in glimmering chunky gold glass glitter!! We now have them in stock in my shop:

Monday, May 18, 2015


Change of plans. I had a different post planned for today but...I received an astounding email from an ultra talented artist named Jackie Peters aka she teaches at a wonderful shop in Oklahoma City called Paper Crown What you are about to see will BLOW your MIND!! I LOVE every last imaginative little detail... prepare to be WOWED and totally inspired!!! Thank you Jackie for sharing your delicious work with us!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Inspiration Strikes!

RELICS & ARTIFACTS  Prima Marketing Flowers 
I collect my passions and now have the pure joy of creating with them too. This whole thing started because I couldn't put holes in an amazing antique Milagro. I wanted to create a necklace but couldn't bring myself to alter the original. I looked around at all the odds & ends scattered on my shelves and there it was!! Of course, create some craft blanks, RELICS & ARTIFACTS was born!!
Monstrance: CHIVALRY 941697 I painted the entire piece a deep brick red then used 3 tones of gold acrylic craft paints, bright gold, a metallic gold and an antique gold. The wood backing was custom cut... Prima will have them available this Summer! Vintage found objects are incorporated there and there, an old candlestick, a child's ring, a small brass wax seal. I use E6000 to adhere everything together. Add in some tiny accent touches of turquoise, mahogany, emerald and dark brown... helps bring the piece to life. Finish off with garnets and smokey quartz trimmed in dresden and Finnabair Mica Flakes on the wings.