Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There is Magic in the World

There is Magic in the World….
And sometimes it arrives at your doorstep all wrapped up in a pretty bow, just when you least expect it!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Burning Pines 5k Run

Up before dawn…. 
 At Bastrop State Park, laced up and toeing the starting line.
 #428 the buff blonde Dutch boy is my husband…. (me on the right) tucked in just behind him. He sacrifices his times to run with me, he could have easily placed 1st in his division! 
 Leaving it all on the finish line…. 
 We both placed 2nd in our divisions! 
In 2011 97% of the beautiful old pine trees were lost to a huge wildfire.  You can still see many of the burnt trees standing upright and blackened. 
 Each year this Race provides funding for new trees to replace those lost.
 On the mend and growing back….
 Something to feel good about! 

From a confirmed non runner a year and eight months ago to running steady, six days a week, rain, shine or snow!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


WHERE WOMEN COOK The Heart and Soul of Cooking…

The new issue of WHERE WOMEN COOK is on newsstands now. One of the most fabulous aspects of what I do is having the opportunity to interview some super amazing people! I am continually inspired by their passion, creativity, uniqueness and talent. As a matter of fact I just got off the phone with an incredible, world renowned chef who completely blew my mind! (shhh! I have to keep it on the hush hush for the time being!) What ishappening in the world of food at this time is truly unbelievable and so very exciting! 
I am honored to have interviewed THE MEN WE CRAVE - featured Chef Willie Degel of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse (the best steakhouse in NYC) and the Food Network's hit show RESTAURANT STAKEOUT fame as well as Country Music Super Star Rose Falcon Atkins for our Fall 2014 issue. Grab your copy today and learn how to cook THE PERFECT steak!