Friday, January 14, 2011

When I Grow Up I Want to be Creative!

As a very young child of three I began to get the idea that I was an artist in wait. My mind was so anxious to grow and learn I could hardly stand it. Dreaming, scheming and planning how it would happen and when it would happen.

Just waiting on that wondrous day when my two small hands not only fully understood what my brain was telling them but that they could also perform upon command!

Then one day it finally happened... I sat down with a crisp, clean sheet of white paper and black ink pen and drew, and I could and it made me the happiest I ever knew I could be to that point in my young life.

From that moment on I was sure, absolutely positive, the life that lay ahead of me was going to be gloriously filled with artistic endeavor and creative adventure. It was certain... set in stone... thats all I really wanted! Well, that and to be totally honest candy!

I hoped that everything I saw and did would be colored with an aesthetically inclined slant. That I would have the courage and it would be ok and allowed... for reality and imagination to happily and cleverly co-mingle.

My wish was that art would define my point of view... especially in the times I knew would inevitably come when I would think it was no longer there. But it was, it was there, it was just waiting for me to catch up!

I discovered my art was always faithful to me, I know my art is honest to me and I will be in turn forever grateful and thank the powers that be for allowing it to be so!

Here's to a Brand New Year of Creating... Exploring our tender hearts and soaring souls and pouring out every little bit of what we encounter right onto a waiting canvas.

Cheers to us, you, me, them, those and the other little bitty ones who yet lie in wait for their creativity to find them too!

2 0 1 1 Here We Come!

Her hair is Harlow gold,

Her lips sweet surprise,

Her hands are never cold...

All the boys think she' a spy,

She's got.... Well.... you know the rest! THANKS FOR JOINING ME FOR ANOTHER YEAR OF FUN AND FOLLY!