Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Crow's Cage

Inspiration, that magic little "?" that sparks your imagination. It's funny how sometimes all it takes is the quickest glimpse of something to set it off!

How one thing can lead to another and so forth and so on. It all started with a single photo by Robert ParkeHarrison titled "Flying Lesson".

Suddenly I realized how absolutely impossibly necessary it was for me to build a Crows cage and fill it with mysterious little creatures!

My Crows cage stands about 6 feet tall from ground to the top of it's feather plume. Its built from wood scraps and some chicken wire and odds and ends and this and that.

I wanted it to have the feeling of a deliciously decorated cake of sorts, albeit a wire cake,

trimmed with prickley dried vines, to keep the spiders out of course!

and old turn keys to make it safe, a long and winding tale it is and so let us begin.

Pots with little smiling faces peer out,

and giggle here and there,

then Shhhh,shhh, shh! Some one is ever so quietly watching, from up above the rest,

just waiting for the perfect moment, waiting for a chance,

to lower herself down and settle beside her.

All the while unsuspecting and floating on a breeze is a dandelion fluff,

busy as a bee, teasing and taunting the flower shop girls!

And the little bitty lacey winged ones flitter all about,

buzzing in and out,

and up and down,

trying out their wings.

While butterdrag or draggerbutt, which ever you prefer,

looks on and oversees the youngsters,

to keep them out of trouble!

Which is no small feat, might I mention!

Keep an eye wide open,

keep a good long watch,

and though those delicate gossamer wings

seem fragile at a glance,

she's the keeper of peace,

and queen of the land,

that no one dares to challenge, not bug, not bee,

or frog or pillar, cater that is.

Well, at least you can't say I didn't warn you in the beginning!
It isn't easy being green, but it sure is fun! Wait, what were we taking about?!